SwissCovid App Monitoring

| Last update: daily


The SwissCovid app aims to detect further spreading of COVID-19 or a possible second wave at an early stage in order to be able to fight it better. The app supplements the cantons' contact tracing, which traces the infection chains.

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Ordinance on the Proximity Tracing System for Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 (OPTS), the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) provides the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) with statistical data periodically and in fully anonymised form. In a first step, the FSO publishes the number of active SwissCovid apps and updates the data daily.


The SwissCovid app has been available to the public in its pilot version since 28 May 2020 and in its final form since 25 June 2020 for download from the Apple and Android app stores. On 30 June, the number of active SwissCovid apps was 930,000 (rounded to nearest 10,000). The change in the number of active SwissCovid apps is presented in graphs.


With the release of the public app on June 25, 2020, data can be analysed based on the infrastructure of app-based proximity tracing. For this purpose, the FSO will publish the number of active SwissCovid apps per day from 26 June 2020 in a first step. This number will provide information on the extent to which the SwissCovid app is used by the population in everyday life.



The Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) transmits the number of active SwissCovid apps to the FSO on a daily basis. The FSO informs the public about this based on graphs and in future will make the underlying data available.

Data source and data flow

The number of active SwissCovid apps is measured based on the automatic contacts made by apps with the proximity tracing system to update the configuration data. These automatic contacts takes place several times a day and are used to calculate the number of active apps per day. The resulting number corresponds to the number of app users. The monitoring includes all persons who have downloaded the SwissCovid app to a mobile phone from 25 June 2020 onwards.

The FSO provides the numbers of active users of the app in the form of graphs and tables. The increase or decrease in usage is calculated from the difference in usage on one day compared to the previous day.

These statistics are still being developed. They are constantly evolving and may change accordingly.