FSO's Experimental statistics

Experimental statistics are produced using new methods and/or new data sources and are therefore in line with the FSO’s data innovation strategy and the Confederation's multi-annual programme for federal statistics. This site contains descriptions of the (pilot) projects currently being developed.

By publishing them we can involve users and partners at an early stage for both the development and consolidation of projects.

The aim of these statistical projects is to better meet users’ needs in terms of efficiency, quality and speed. However, these statistics still have the potential to evolve, especially regarding their methodology, which is still being assessed. For this reason they are clearly marked as experimental and carry a logo that can easily be recognised.


Symbol image - Covid-19 and living conditions in Switzerland in 2020 (SILC)

Covid-19 and living conditions in Switzerland in 2020 (SILC)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in spring 2020, far-reaching economic and social restrictions changed the living conditions of Switzerland’s resident population. The Income and living conditions (SILC) survey, which provides detailed information on poverty and the living conditions in Switzerland, was able to measure the impact on living conditions that is presented here for the first time. 

Symbol image - SwissCovid App Monitoring

SwissCovid App Monitoring

The SwissCovid App Monitoring analyses data from the federal proximity tracing systems and makes the results publicly available. The monitoring statistics are still being developed. They are evolving constantly and can therefore change at short notice.


Poverty measurement integrating wealth (AssetPov)

In future, the poverty statistics are to be supplemented with an indicator based on households’ total financial means (income and assets). In Switzerland no wealth data are currently available that meet the substantive and quality requirements for such analyses. The FSO therefore integrated a pilot module on the topic of wealth in the survey on income and living conditions (SILC), which is also the basis of data for official poverty statistics.


Innovative methods

Discover the applications of innovative methods at the FSO and their initial results.

Innovation in data science

Our pilot projects within FSO’s data innovation strategy.

Experimental statistics in Europe

Various other countries in Europe are developing experimental statistics based on new methods and new data sources. All the countries of the European Statistical System (ESS), which currently propose experimental statistics can be found here.

ESS Experimental statistics